(aka Laura Zikovic)

I am a classically trained Canadian BFA artist & designer with specializations in Digital media, photography, web design & development, handmade jewelry, & a variety of artisan crafts. I’m passionate about getting my 'hands dirty' in all things that allow me to express myself in beautiful, unique, and creative ways’ (this hobby is my favorite form of meditative practice!) While I'm not a 'business', nor do not manage an online storefront, but please feel free to explore this page to get a glimpse of my recent work and updates. I am most active on Instagram and Facebook so be sure to follow me there. Reach out with any questions and thanks for stopping by!

Artist/Designer WYLDRYE


I guess you could say I 'have a thing' for surrealist landscapes? Browse my gallery below for a sample of my original stereographic projection art prints that bends and blends nature and major urban landscapes into unique fantastical dreamscapes. My favourite print media for these works is sublimation printing on alumium metal or as giclee canvas prints. I also offer them as framed, freestanding 5x7 mini prints that look great on a desk, as fireplace mantel decor, etc. Please reach out via the contact form for more information.


Tree-of-life Suncatchers / Dreamcatchers

I also specialize in making an assortment of handmade gemstone pieces like these tree-of-life natural gemstone suncatchers / dreamcatchers. Each are 100% unique, range in size, material, and include an assortment of natural crystals. Display in a window, on a desk, hanging from a wall or ceiling, or even your car review mirror - they make beautiful, unique gifts!

I also have the 2" version of the suncatchers as a complete 'DIY kit' so that you can follow along with me to make your very own suncatcher! See my ~7 minute YouTube tutorial video (below) and reach out via the contact form for more information on kits. 

Video DIY Tutorials

DIY Tree-of-Life Suncatcher

This instructional video will guide you through how to assemble your 'DIY tree-of-life suncatcher / dreamcatcher kit'.

More DIY Tutorials (coming soon!)

Be sure to visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more DIY tutorials on wire wrapped jewelry, crystal macrame necklaces, cystal jewelry making and other crafts.

Crystal Carvings / Sculptures

I curate these beautiful natural crystal carvings from all around the world. Aren't they incredible?! The character carvings (Pokémon, Hello Kitty, Star wars, Sailor moon, Toothless, etc) have to be my favourite but the dragon skulls are definately a close second!



Upcycled Guitar & Bass String Bracelets

I've always loved the idea of sustainable upcycled projects. I had the idea to hit up a few local music shops for their used guitar strings;  diverting them from landfill. After a process of cleaning, santizing and polishing them up, they've since been transformed into beautiful, unique guitar string and bass guitar string bracelets! Please reach out via the contact form for more information.

Crystal Jewelry

Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, and Pendants

I make crystal stretch bracelets, macramé crystal necklaces and keychains/purse charms, wire-wrapped crystal earrings and pendants, and more! Additionally I have fun transforming micro crystal carvings into wearable jewelry and I like to experiment with chain, beads, and other hardware to create my own unique pieces.  Below is a small sample of some of my past work:


In addition to visual arts I also dabbled a little in songwriting, performing, and music production. For your listening pleasure, check out my releases: 

Face the Sun

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If You Had Told Me





Laura offers a very professional service. She is quick to respond if you have any questions about her artwork, and goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy with the final product you got. I absolutely love my metal print! It is gorgeous! Such a unique artistic style. Definitely recommend. It is worth the price.



Laura’s work is breathtakingly beautiful and completely unusual. She is quite the talent I’m awaiting my fourth piece of her art—I have some on canvas and metal pieces. Both are stunning. Dealing with her is total professionalism. It’s easy to order and arrival is perfect. Thank you Laura!!



Friendly service. Quick response. Excellent, creative, professionally done product. Brilliant colours. Love it!